lubuntu - Another Pretty Fast & Lightweight Linux Distribution

Well if you want a really faster OS (for both old and newer PC's and netbooks, etc) then there are a lot of different linux distributions available to download. The Xubuntu project is one of the popular ones in that category thanks to Ubuntu.

However if that is still not speedy enough for you.... then you should just forget about Linux.... just kidding guys, seriously if you want something that is more faster than the Xubuntu then you should try the lubuntu OS. This is not an official Canonical release and is maintained by a community of lubuntu developers.

Interface is pretty clean and simple...

Anyway according to them their goal is to provide a faster OS which consumes less hardware resources. So you should have ...

*. RAM capacity of 128MB or more..

*. Even supports the dropped i586 CPU architecture.. (don't know what that is ? forget it, put it there to showoff ;-) )

*. Supports Lived CD function..

*. Use the lightweight lxde desktop edition.

*. Comes with some pretty useful standard applications such as - web browser (Chromium), Aqualung music manager, printing utilities, CD/DVD burner XFBurn, E-mail client, IRC, painting application, etc.

If you want to try it out then click here for the link.

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